Hi.  My name is Eric Hanson.  I was born and raised in Michigan.  I now live in California.  I am a new dad, I cook, practice Bikram yoga, and I often race in Ironman 70.3 events.  I love surfing and golf (and my lovely wife).


I am the founder and CEO of COACHD, a fitness tech business that virtually connects the gym, that little fitness device you use, and the coach you need to get in shape for real.  I don’t have any fancy accomplishments to report about our company or my career, those will come soon enough.  My feeling about being an entrepreneur: They say that you don’t do yoga, you try like hell.  That is the way I feel about starting a startup.  I have a good feeling we are going to touch a lot of people and change a lot of lives with what we do at COACHD.  I am looking forward to sharing more about that.


I have a long history as an aspiring athlete.  I played college football, starting at Louisville and finishing at Grand Valley State University.  During grad school I spent the better half of those 6 years at the University of Hawaii surfing (nearly everyday).  After grad school I unsuccessfully attempted to play a bit of professional golf – I still play often and when I do , it usually goes pretty well.  I have been involved in triathlon for over 10 years, and am now racing every 3 months or so in the Ironman 70.3 series (I am notoriously slow, but I love it anyway).  My back is paying for all of the pounding, so to make sure I make it gracefully all the way to our grandest of ends, I practice Bikram yoga at least once per week, experiment with Wim Hof, float, and try to do cryotherapy as much as I can.

The Mind

I pride myself on the work I did in philosophy over my graduate career and just afterwards when I had the opportunity to teach Ethics, Philosophy of Death and Dying, Chinese and Comparative Philosophy, Business Ethics, Leadership, and Intro to Philosophy.  I am very passionate about the field of ethics and I approach the discipline largely through the comparative study of Confucian and Classical Greek texts.  My favorite thinkers are Zhuangzi and Nietzsche.  My base has always been Plato.  When I am doing philosophy right I am following the good work of Roger Ames (my graduate advisor) and reading the American pragmatists (mostly William James).  I think Alfred North Whitehead had it the most right;  I think Laozi almost always says it best; and I think that Aristotle might be the stud of it all.

I have spent a long time studying and thinking about leadership and have approached that discipline in multiple capacities.  I taught in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program, created my own teaching curriculum around Ethics and Leadership at Grand Valley State University, and I now dive deep into nearly everything Nainoa Thompson has to say about leadership.  Teaching leadership and personal development is my life passion.  I get this gene and drive from my Dad.  If you wonder why I left academia for starting a business, it was for two reasons:  I felt phony as a 30 year old lecturing to executives and 20-somethings about leadership without having gone through some significant, publicly recognizable business or political achievement; and my girlfriend (now wife) wouldn’t move to Michigan where I was teaching (who can blame her), so I joined her in sunny (and now burning) California.  COACHD is a natural extension of my deep personal journey into leadership – both in leading a team to start a company, and to build a practical way for people to truly change their lives.  This is how I am currently tending to the physical body and the inner life of the mind that we all struggle to deal with.